‘As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace.' 1 Peter 4:10

One way in which we can accomplish this is by using our experiences as a Survivor to not only better our own lives, but to better the lives of those around us, and Mentorship is a perfect example of that. With this in mind, the Cope Well Foundation developed and now promotes our Survivorship thru Mentorship coping outlet.

What exactly is Survivorship thru Mentorship? At Cope Well, we break it down into 2 parts. 1) Survivorship is the journey of a Survivor who has been effected, directly or indirectly, by a circumstance in life, which has left them with the need to Cope. 2) Mentorship is the positive and growing relationship between one Survivor and another that provides a sense of understanding, support and encouragement. These 2 parts add up to 1 very important, yet simple, message; Survivorship thru Mentorship, which, simply put, is the idea of Survivors using their experiences to make connections and to form support systems in comfortable and trusting environments, in order to better the lives of themselves and their fellow Survivors, in an overall effort to help one another ‘Cope Well’ during their Survivorship Journey.

With Survivorship thru Mentorship, there are no limits! Survivorship applies to all areas of life, as it includes Survivors of not only Cancer, but Lupus, Stoke, Infertility, PTSD, Suicide, Depression, Loss of a Loved One and all other illnesses and circumstances that may affect us physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. Mentorship also applies to all areas of life, as it includes connections between Individuals and Groups, Males and Females, Youth and Elderly and all other environments where positive relationships may form and grow.

With Survivorship thru Mentorship, the benefits are endless! Although those benefits will vary from Survivor to Survivor, Cope Well believes that this coping outlet is ultimately very therapeutic for BOTH the Mentor and Mentee (aka Survivors) in a variety of ways. And regardless of the type of Survivorship and whether one decides to be the Mentor or the Mentee, Survivorship thru Mentorship is another great way to be good stewards by using our gifts to serve one another.

The overall purpose of the Cope Well Foundation’sSurvivorship thru Mentorship coping outlet is simple; to use our experiences as Survivors to not only better our own lives, but to better the lives of those around us. Through this message, we hope to lead by example for those around us and make a difference in the lives of others, so that together we will ‘Cope Well to Live Well’. To request a Survivorship thru Mentorship Survivor/Support Packet, please visit the Request a Survivor/Support Packet page in the drop-down menu above!

‘Above all, keep loving one another earnestly.’ 1 Peter 4:8