Survivor/Support Packets

Although we may not be there physically by your side during this time, we still want to promote the benefits of each of our 4 coping outlets and help you implement them into your daily life if you feel that they are an appropriate fit for you. To do this, we have created Survivor/Support Packets for each of our individual coping outlets. 

The intention of our Survivor Packets are to help Survivors implement a specific Coping Outlet into their daily lives by providing them with more detailed information and instruction regarding a specific Coping Outlet. These Packets are also available to those who support those in need, as we know that the emotional and spiritual affects of Survivorship expand beyond the Survivor. Those affects can have an equal impact on the Survivors Support System as well. Therefore, our Support Packets are available to Support Systems everywhere and were developed to 1) provide support to those who support those in need by helping them implement our Coping Outlets into their daily lives and 2) to help guide Supporters through the Support Process. 

To request a Survivor Packet or a Support Packet for yourself or someone you know, visit the Request a Survivor/Support Packet page in the drop-down menu above.