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Although we may not be there physically by your side during this time, we still want to promote the benefits of each of our 4 coping outlets and help you implement them into your daily life if you feel that they are an appropriate fit for you. To do this, we have created Survivor Packets for each of our individual coping outlets. Our individual Survivor Packets are different from our Survivor Sacks. Our Survivor Sacks are intended to simply promote our coping outlets and the importance of emotional AND spiritual well-being during one’s Survivorship Journey. Where our Survivor Packets explain, in more detail, the intention and benefits of each individual coping outlet and provide you with ways to implement each coping outlet into your daily life. 

To request a Survivor Packet for any of our individual coping outlets, please fill out the form below. In the Message box, please indicate for which coping outlet(s) you're requesting a Survivor Packet. Thank you for reaching out to us and for wanting us to be apart of your Survivorship Journey! We hope that our Survivor Packets are helpful to you, and that they help provide you with the emotional and spiritual wellness that you need at this time.