As a nonprofit organization that focuses on the emotional well-being of Survivorship, including Cancer Survivorship, the Cope Well Foundation promotes the importance of 3 main coping outlets, all of which have been developed by Cope Well and focus on the emotional affects of Survivorship. Those coping outlets are as follows: Survivorship thru Mentorship, Live Well thru Activities and Coping thru Counseling. With a desire to add a spiritual, faith-based element to our organization, we have added the 4th coping outlet, Cope with Hope, which includes our NEW ‘Cope with Hope’ Survivor Sack campaign. Each of these coping outlets has proven to be not only beneficial, but essential, for the emotional and spiritual well-being of Survivors and their support systems. 

Although the primary focus of the Cope Well Foundation has been on Cancer Survivorship since the launch of our organization in 2011, Cope Well is happy to announce that beginning in January 2017, we will officially begin promoting the importance of Survivorship in ALL areas of life, as Survivorship isn't limited to Cancer alone. At this time, each of our 4 coping outlets are available exclusively to Cancer Survivors who are residents of North Dakota and East Grand Forks, MN, with the exception of our NEW 'Cope with Hope' Survivor Sack campaign. Our Survivor Sacks are available to Cancer Survivors all around the country! As mentioned above, Survivorship isn't limited to Cancer alone, therefore, we also hope to eventually provide a slightly modified Survivor Sack that focuses on Survivorship in other areas of life.

Although some of our coping outlets may not be available in your area, we still promote the importance of the benefits associated with each coping outlet that we've developed. Therefore, although we may not be able to provide direct assistance, we encourage you to implement the concept of each coping outlet into your Survivorship Journey, as we know each of them can make a significant impact on your emotional and spiritual well-being. To help you do this, you may request a Survivor Packet for any of our individual coping outlets. These Survivor Packets will provide you with the basic tools you need to begin implementing that signature coping outlet into your Survivorship Journey. To do so, please visit the Request a Survivor Packet page in the drop-down menu above. No matter what stage of the Survivorship Journey you're in, our organization is here to help in any way we can in order to help you 'Cope Well to Live Well' during your Survivorship Journey!

As we know that the emotional and spiritual affects of Survivorship aren't limited to just Survivors themselves but their Support Systems as well, our Support Packets were developed to 1) provide support to those who support those in need and 2) to help guide Supporters through the Support Process. Our Support Packets are available to Support Systems everywhere.

For more information about the coping outlets that we promote, or to request any of our materials, please visit their individual pages or Connect with us today!

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