Our Live Well thru Activities coping outlet was created to promote the importance of alleviating stress associated with Survivorship and rejuvenating a Survivor's emotional well-being! 

This coping outlet encourages Survivors to get involved with an activity of their choice that can temporarily free their minds of their Survivorship stresses and worries. Some examples of different activities would be going to a movie, getting a massage, going for a walk or a bike ride, participating in a painting class or a pottery class, going to the gym, attending a concert, play or sporting event or even just doing a simple word search or crossword puzzle. The goal is to, at the very least, temporarily take your mind off of your Survivorship needs to help alleviate stress and to rejuvenate your emotional well-being through positive activity.​ Another great example of an activity that can accomplish this is our Cope with Hope coping outlet. For more information about this coping outlet, please visit the Cope with Hope page in the drop-down menu above.

The overall purpose of the Cope Well Foundation’s  Live Well thru Activities coping outlet is simple; to alleviate stress associated with Survivorship and rejuvenate a Survivor's emotional well-being! Through this message, we hope to lead by example for those around us and make a difference in the lives of others, so that together we will ‘Cope Well to Live Well’. To request a Live Well thru Activities Survivor Packet, please visit the Request a Survivor Packet page in the drop-down menu above!