For ONLY $10.00, you can fund 1 Survivor Sack and make a difference in the Survivorship Journey of a Survivor! The intention of our 'Cope with Hope' Survivor Sack campaign is to simply increase the impact we have on the Cancer Community by further promoting our coping outlets and the importance of emotional AND spiritual well-being during one's Survivorship Journey.

There will be up to 18 items in each Survivor Sack, including items pertaining to each of Cope Well's 4 coping outlets and specific items that have been known to be helpful during different types of Cancer Treatments. For a list of specific items, please visit the Survivor Sack page above.

To put the financial needs of this campaign into perspective, one local Cancer Center that we spoke with saw over 850 first-time, adult Cancer Patients in just one year. It’s obvious that the need for this campaign is substantial and is more than any one of us could handle alone, but by working together we can all lead by example and show that it IS possible to make a significant difference in the lives of Cancer Survivors everywhere through one small, yet substantial, gesture!

To fund a ‘Cope with Hope’ Survivor Sack, please visit or simply text 'copewithhope' from your phone to 843-606-5995. We even have options where you can request your Survivor Sack(s) to be sent to a specific Cancer Center, a specific Cancer-related group or organization or even a specific Cancer Survivor with a personalized note to make it that much more special. If you wish to make a special request or include a special message, please fill out the form on our Connect page and add your notes to the Message box!

If you would like to make a general donation to our Mission Fulfillment Fund to help support the financial needs of our organization so we can continue working towards fulfilling our mission, you may use the same Donate button below. From all of us at the Cope Well Foundation, THANK YOU for your consideration! Your support will forever make our efforts to enhance the lives of Survivors much more meaningful and affective!