As a nonprofit organization that focuses primarily on helping Survivors ‘Cope Well’ emotionally and spiritually during their Survivorship Journey, the Cope Well Foundation promotes the importance of 4 main signature Coping Outlets, all of which have been developed by Cope Well and have proven to be not only beneficial, but essential, for the emotional and spiritual well-being of Survivors and their Support Systems. Those Coping Outlets are: Survivorship thru Mentorship, Live Well thru Activities, Coping thru Counseling and Cope with Hope. Although Cope Well focuses primarily on Cancer Survivorship, we also promote our Coping Outlets to Survivors in ALL areas of life, as Survivorship isn’t limited to Cancer alone. For more information about each of our Coping Outlets, click on their individual pages in the drop-down menu above. Through our Coping Outlets, it is our ultimate goal to help you 'Cope Well to Live Well'.

Our Signature Coping Outlets