In 2016, Cope Well began distributing our signature

'Cope Well to Live Well' Survivor Sacks and Support Packets, which we began distributing Nationally to Survivors throughout the United States. In the first 6 months, we assembled and distributed Survivor Sacks in 35 states, and we also began distributing Internationally to Survivors in Canada, Australia AND Malaysia!

PLEASE help us complete our Maps! If you live in ANY of the remaining states/countries/regions, or if you know of a Survivor or organization in any of those states/countries/regions who could benefit from one of our signature 'Cope Well to Live Well'Survivor Sacks or Support Packets, please 'Request a Survivor Sack/Packet' today! AND, if you live in ANY of the states/countries/regions that we've already reached but still want to request a Survivor Sack, please do so, as our goal is to eventually serve Survivors in EVERY community in those states/countries/regions! With your support, we will serve the coping needs of Survivors around the world by helping them 'Cope Well to Live Well'!