The intention of our Cope Well Promotional Representative partnerships is to 1) promote the importance of the emotional and spiritual well-being of Survivors and their Support Systems throughout our communities by partnering with other like-minded individuals, groups, organizations and businesses, 2) bring awareness to the Cope Well Foundation, our Coping Outlets, our Cope with Hope Survivor Sacks and our Survivor/Support Packets and 3) honor Survivors and their Support Systems everywhere.

If you would like to support the mission and efforts of the Cope Well Foundation, please consider becoming a Cope Well Promotional Representative today! Your role as an official Promotional Representative will be to simply represent our organization by 1) promoting our overall mission and efforts throughout your community and 2) offering Cope Well Promotional Items to interested individuals/groups/organizations/businesses. If you would like to become a Cope Well Promotional Representative, please fill out the form below to request your very own Cope Well Promotional Starter Kit. (In the Subject box, please type Promotional Starter Kit Request. In the Message box, please provide us with the name and address of your organization, as well as the name of an appropriate contact person.)

Thank You for your interest in our organization and your desire to help support our mission. From all of us at the Cope Well Foundation, THANK YOU for wanting to make a difference!