To fund a Survivor Sack, simply text 'copewithhope' from your phone to 843-606-5995 or visit the Make a Pledge page n the drop-down menu above. To request a Survivor Sack for yourself or someone you know, please visit the Request a Survivor Sack page in the drop-down menu above. To learn of other ways that you can support our Survivor Sack campaign, please Connect with us today!

Ultimately, we hope that our ‘Cope Well to Live Well’ Survivor Sacks help Survivors ‘Cope Well’ during their Survivorship Journey, and we hope for all of the emotional and spiritual wellness that they need to ‘Live Well’ at this time and always! 

To further promote the benefits of our signature Coping Outlets and to increase the emotional and spiritual impact we're able to make on the lives of Survivors and their Support Systems, we also assemble and distribute our signature 'Cope Well to Live Well' Survivor Sacks and Support Packets to Survivors and Support Systems all around the world! The intention of these Survivor Sacks and Support Packets are to emphasize the importance and benefits of implementing each of our 4 signature Coping Outlets into the daily lives of Survivors and Support Systems and to provide them with more detailed information and instruction on how to do so.

Our Survivor Sacks and Support Packets both contain items that
pertain to each of our four signature Coping Outlets. Those items are
​as follows: an Adult Coloring Book to promote Live Well thru Activities; a Deck of Cards or Dice to promote Survivorship/Supportship thru Mentorship; a Personal Journal to promote Coping thru Counseling and a Spiritual Booklet to promote Cope with Hope. The Survivor Sack contains additional items that help with different types of Cancer treatments, such as: Pack of Tissue, Hand Lotion, Hand Sanitizer, Chap Stick, Bag of Hard Candy, Medical Facemask and a Pair of Cozy Socks and/or a Beanie (when available). As mentioned, although we focus primarily on Cancer Survivorship, our resources are available to Survivors/Support Systems in ALL areas of life. Therefore, we have created a modified version of our Survivor Sack to offer Survivors in other areas of life, as some of the additional items may not pertain to their treatment needs.

Our Survivor Sack campaign will be much more effective with the support of other like-minded individuals and organizations. This is where we need YOUR help! The cost of each ‘Cope Well to Live Well’ Survivor Sack is just $10.00, which includes the Sack and ALL of the items in it! That means that for ONLY $10.00, YOU can support the Survivorship Journey of a Survivor!

To put the financial needs of this campaign into perspective, one local Cancer Center that we spoke with saw over 850 first-time, adult Cancer Patients in just one year. This doesn't include ALL other areas of Survivorship. It’s obvious that the need for this campaign is substantial and is more than any one of us could handle alone, but by working together we can all lead by example and show that it IS possible to make a significant difference in the lives of Survivors everywhere through one small, yet substantial, gesture!