To fund a Survivor Sack, please visit or simply text 'copewithhope' from your phone to 843-606-5995. To request a Survivor Sack for yourself or someone you know, please visit the Request a Survivor Sack page in the drop-down menu above. To learn of other ways that you can support our Survivor Sack campaign, please Connect with us today!

Ultimately, we hope that our ‘Cope Well to Live Well’ Survivor Sacks help Survivors ‘Cope Well’ during their Survivorship Journey, and we hope for all of the emotional and spiritual wellness that they need to ‘Live Well’ at this time and always! 

The Cope Well Foundation is beyond thrilled to introduce you to our

'Cope Well to Live Well' Survivor Sack campaign! The intention of our Survivor Sacks are to simply increase the impact we're able to make on the lives of Survivors everywhere by further promoting the benefits of our signature Coping Outlets and helping Survivors 'Cope Well to Live Well' emotionally AND spiritually during their Survivorship Journey.

As a nonprofit organization that focuses on the emotional well-being of Survivors and their Support Systems during their Survivorship Journey, the Cope Well Foundation promotes the benefits of 3 signature Coping Outlets, all of which have been developed by Cope Well and focus on the emotional affects of Survivorship. Those Coping Outlets are: Survivorship thru Mentorship, Live Well thru

Activities and Coping thru Counseling. With a desire to add a spiritual, faith-based element to our organization, we have added the 4th Coping Outlet, Cope with Hope. Each of these Coping Outlets has proven to be not only beneficial, but essential, for the emotional and spiritual well-being of Survivors and their Support Systems. To request more detailed information about an individual Coping Outlet and tips on how to implement it into your life, please complete the ‘Request a Survivor/Support Packet’ form in the drop-down menu above. 

Although Cope Well focuses primarily on Cancer Survivorship, we promote the benefits of our Coping Outlets to Survivors and Support Systems in ALL areas of life, as Survivorship isn’t limited to Cancer alone. Therefore, Cope Well offers two versions of our ‘Cope Well to Live Well’ Survivor Sacks. One version focuses on Cancer Survivorship and the other focuses on ALL other areas of Survivorship. The only difference between the two is that we have added a few additional items to the Cancer Survivor Sack that have been known to be helpful during different types of Cancer Treatments. Your Survivor Sack consists of the following items: 
*The Survivor Sack itself, which includes this letter explaining the relevance of each item provided. Also included are 2 Survivor SackSharing Cards for the recipient to share with others who may be interested in either funding a Survivor Sack or requesting one for themselves or a Survivor they know.
​* The Cope Well Foundation promotional materials, which include a Cope Well Brochure, a Cope Well Ribbon Card with Lapel Pin, a Cope Well Bracelet and a Cope Well Pencil.
* Items pertaining to each of the 4 Coping Outlets mentioned above to emphasize their benefits during one’s Survivorship journey. *Deck of Cards to promote Survivorship thru Mentorship. * Word Search Activity Book or Adult Coloring Book to promote Live Well thru Activities. * Personal Journal to promote Coping thru Counseling. * Inspirational Booklet to further promote Cope with Hope.
* Depending on which Survivor Sack the recipient receives: specific items that have been known to be helpful during different types of Cancer Treatments, which include a pack of Tissues, Hand Sanitizer, Chap Stick, Hand Lotion, Medical Face Mask and a bag of Hard Candy.

Our Survivor Sack campaign will be much more effective with the support of other like-minded individuals and organizations. This is where we need YOUR help! The cost of each ‘Cope Well to Live Well’ Survivor Sack is just $10.00, which includes the Sack and ALL of the items in it! That means that for ONLY $10.00, YOU can support the Survivorship Journey of a Survivor!

To put the financial needs of this campaign into perspective, one local Cancer Center that we spoke with saw over 850 first-time, adult Cancer Patients in just one year. This doesn't include ALL other areas of Survivorship. It’s obvious that the need for this campaign is substantial and is more than any one of us could handle alone, but by working together we can all lead by example and show that it IS possible to make a significant difference in the lives of Survivors everywhere through one small, yet substantial, gesture!